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The task was to take an outdated resort group with a declining occupancy and breathe life and a tropical blast of fresh air into it. When rebranding Couples, we dug deep into the target demography. What were they wearing, watching, buying, eating, saying, gravitating toward visually and even what were they listening to? Once we compiled those answers we had a clear image of what would perk the interest of this cross section of vacationers, and what they were ready to spend on their experience. Knowing all that, and communicating that, we knew if we reached this core, others would follow. We redid everything that had been done before. These were no longer your parents' stale and boring destinations.


The result? After a massive economy shut down, when sales and bookings across the vacation landscape were way down- Couples was 100% booked. Cool, fun and speaking the right language worked.

Logo Couples.png

Couples that Play Together Stay Together.

Far from your typical resort communications. Less reading and more images to tell stories, all the while conveying all there is to offer at the resorts.


This spread says a lot about the spot-on targeting, a couple's reality and joy.

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