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The legging market is a saturated one, with more than a couple of huge competitors. The thing is, the giant players are all doing the same thing, not unlike many other products, the marketing is shockingly similar.


Our approach took an about face with an entirely different direction from the rest of the field. We went for smart and unusual, with the result being this brand created a 100% increase in their digital marketing, and measurable results in a massive word of mouth campaign.

Logo TLB.png

User Experience interview video. Product landscape discussion.

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Online ads- Direct to website.

Digital. Now if your digital person takes an ad, and resizes it to fit all of the current social platforms and claims they are a ‘digital creative director’, they are confused- that would be digital production. That is what is flooding the creative market right now.


What I did for TLB is a good example of using the initial social touch point, creating a wonder, an interest and an easy way for the consumer to dig deeper in the brand. With every step they learn more and get more excited and we learn more about them. All ending up with an informed consumer at the point of sale ready to shop and buy, and tell their friends about it- because it was entertaining and cool.

TLB web screens_edited.jpg

The website in itself is not rocket science, it is meant to make the sales process smooth and easy. But what stands out is the addition of a fictitious design breakthrough. Active Visual Contouring (AVC). This is nothing more than using visual theory to reduce and enhance certain parts of the body that women tend to want ‘fixed.’ We spend a lot of time and energy making this AVC magic, entertaining, thought through, REAL. The use of borderline creepy humor works to take the seriousness edge off, and is memorable.


With the ‘science’ teased in the marketing and realized online, the concept is complete and leggings get sold and loved.

tlb phones why_edited.jpg

Teaser post assaulting the competition's monontany.

TLB forever ads Insta.jpg

Sample holiday promotion flash.

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Sample website product screen.

A few lifestyle / product images.

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