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She* is a self- promotional piece on how we approach branding. It is a cosmic big picture look in how we think of and develop brands:  YOUR BRAND.

​The idea here is to remind and rekindle the reasons and desires people have for creating, building and managing their brands. We live in a time where giving up on your passion for and love of your desires is all too common.


Our thinking is to take the viewer down an emotional path of something more tangible - A true love. It could be anything as most things are designated by ‘her’, ‘she’… It’s a memory of what it feels like to have that care and believe in something, or how it feels to have someone trust and count on you as well.


As much in life, this came about in a most unexpected way. I wrote a long, non-linear poem titled ‘She*’. Then we got several well respected creatives: Illustrators, a sculptor, painter, 3d animator, photographer, designers, and others all together. Each one was given a line from the poem, and NOTHING else. They had no idea what others were doing, the reason, the over all meaning, and especially what the outcome would be. All they had was a small piece of the puzzle, and created their version of the words given to them.


Then we put it all together. We want like-minded owners, directors and managers to see how we think about brands, how they are treated, and how their voice can be created from passion, in a relatable and memorable way.

Those who got this- Loved it.

Some elements from the campaign- Digital, Print  + Video

She Group Shot 01 PRINT.jpg
She Box and Cover PRINT.jpg

2023 Graphis Design Award winner.

SHE 3x3 1 small PRINT.jpg
SHE 3x3 2 small PRINT.jpg
She rex www phones_edited.jpg
She Poster FLAT GRAPHIS.jpg
She Poster Front Flat Graphis.jpg
She coll 01K Footer.png

This promotional is geared to recipiants that already understand what is in front of them, maybe not the broader idea, but that it is a promo speaking to them in their launguage. If there was too much hand-holding here, we figured they might not be a good fit.

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