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in Tandem with CP+B

The joys of working as a Creative Director on Volkswagen’s top-tier collateral and other strategic marketing efforts are too many to list, but let us cover a small sampling of highlights. Volkswagen engaged Crispin Porter + Bogusky to wrench the automaker out of a downward trend, and it couldn’t have been a better choice for them. CP+B subsequently brought in my firm to design and create all new collateral. We redefined what the brochure could be, and right there, the fun began. There are few things finer than having free reign and the space to immerse yourself into a new client, especially one with such history.

We delved into research, concepts, sketches, strategic methods, direction and the production of what makes each model, and how each one demonstrates unique  individuality. We delivered on an extraordinarily tight deadline and budget and were rewarded with a thoroughly awed client and dealer base. Best outcome ever – consumers completely responded to all our efforts.

​Creative Directing simultaneous projects, especially ones of this magnitude and with the professionalism of an agency like CP+B is something that made me smile at the end of each day.


Sometimes you don’t even need words to say how you are rebranding. Just show it with verve.

VW compile_edited.jpg

The breadth of this project was enormous, with many touch points, and an abundance of new ideas and thinking. There were direct auto ideas In addition to the consideration of environments, music, “toys”, online forums and blogs. There was the history and the new to consider and present in the most concise and effective way.

VW www_edited.jpg

The aim of the online consumer experience was to feel like they were in their new VW and a new automotive way of thinking. The UX/UI was totally fresh, from the consumer facing sites to the dealer sites.

VW BRO 01www_edited.jpg

We tackled the collateral big picture completely different from the way others in the automotive industry generally present. The consumer for various VW models vary as much as the models themselves. All models were tailored strategically in great detail for each consumer from the obvious features, to the presentation of color choices. We kept the clean uniform brand image, retaining the core buyer’s values and loves, while pointing out the specifics for each buyer’s individual needs and desires.

VW wide brocures_edited.jpg

Cross platform branding integration for the GTI.

Compilation video produced by CP+B

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