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Branding real estate projects in a busy market like Miami is always interesting. I was lucky enough to be the Creative Director for over a dozen. We branded short and long term projects. The cool thing about long term projects is we do EVERYTHING from soup to nuts. We build the brands from the ground up. We named them, do the identity, find the voice each one will have, do a deep dive into the target buyer or investor for each development. We do the presales materials, even the floor plans take on our branding message. We concept, design and produce all of the marketing materials, the website and micro sites, all the digital communications, advertising, collateral materials, events, site graphics and wraps. We advise the sales team how to answer the phone in some instances. All this and we’ve helped sell out every project worked on.


The sample here is called Avenue. Just another condo in Miami? Well it could have been, but when Fortune Int’l, the developers of the new high rise going up on Brickell told us they needed something fresh in a cloudy market, we did the homework and discovered that the Brickell area was a very tough sell. It was clear from the start, the people of Miami did not know how to live ‘in town’. This was a commuting culture. Walk to dinner? Walk to work, how could this be? Who will guide us in this new urban lifestyle?


We created Julie Anne - a virtual in-city living concierge. We let her be the agent in charge to guide buyers and gracefully hold their hands through the idea of falling out of bed right into your office. Her retro jetset vibe caught the eye of the demography we targeted as the professionals that would be open to this new living arrangement. And they came in droves to live at Avenue. In-Town Miami living was never the same.

Logo Avenue dots.png
Ave www_edited.jpg

The Avenue website and other digital deliverables stuck 100% with the concept of Julie Anne helping the viewer navigate the unknown waters of city living and showed users where to find all the helpful tips and scoops on the robust information of the website we created.

Ave bus a letterjpg_edited.jpg

Whether on the streets or simply sharing a business card, every touch point on this brand returned back to the root of the entire concept. The stationery got so much extra play it was an economical amount  well spent.

Ave ads_edited.jpg

We could have run ads forever based on this concept. There are just so many things a commuter culture doesn't understand about urban living. It's almost too easy, almost.

Ave Bro compile_edited.jpg

Like the ad campaign, the brochure was a hoot. So many new ways to explain and show common ideas. We even made the brochure unusually small so you could carry it about with out hassle.

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