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I believe strategy and concept are first and foremost. Your brand voice and message need not only to be a spot-on target but also memorable, relevant and yes…fully entertaining. The ‘how’ that message is deciphered is born from the strategy itself. Content and substance is not dictated by the newest, more shiny than the last delivery system unless the strategy says it should.


Too many brands and agencies are thinking that way. Rather than the focus be a kick-ass brand message, their ‘Phase One’ is more commonly a social campaign. In actuality, that is the last piece, and is formed from and guided by the brand message.  Once that voice has been broadcast loud and clear – a myriad of social outlets can blast the brand message out – and out into the right outlets.


I believe in teamwork. That is across the board, client, marketing, creatives, pizza delivery, production, and even our consumers. If we fail to bring the customers into the fold, what’s the point.


I believe design is huge. Everything is designed, even if you don’t intend for it to be. I think anything we put out has purpose and meaning, and should look it. There can be much beauty in what some may label as “rude” when done properly and meaningfully. If  something should be tight and clean, make it perfect. If it should be silly and goofy, make it great – and make the reader/watcher/listener laugh. Preferably out loud.


On that note. I am a firm believer in humor. Please use whenever possible. The one thing we need more of in life is laughter, smiles and not taking everything too seriously. Have fun.

Try something new, utilize someone new to your industry- That is where innovative thinking comes from. 

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